Below is a list of my current accomplishments, I invite you to share my journey by clicking into each individual feature.

Participating in these projects in various capacities has allowed me exponential growth over the last couple of years; professionally and personally.  Being an artist and a creator requires a lot of grit, commitment and drive to produce award winning high quality content. This type of work is dependent upon a 24/7 mentality and I am fortunate to have benefited from such a great support system encouraging me from behind the scenes.  Cheers to the endless hours spent in front of a computer screen coordinating and curating. -To the hours spent travelling from Montreal to Los Angeles – To the friends who carried me to bed after a twenty-two hour day on set. To the friends who catered my first premiere at no profit to themselves just to be a part of the cause. To Bree Mills who trusted me and allowed me creative liberties. I am incredibly blessed and grateful.

Let the show go on and on.