Future Darkly

Future Darkly is a sci-fi anthology series that delves into the impact of society’s twin obsessions with sex and technology. It takes our fear of being alone and not in control, and follows it to its logical but devastating conclusion.

Each standalone episode is an exhilarating dose of dark science fiction and I had an amazing time participating creatively alongside Bree Mills in various capacities.


Titles I have worked on include: 

The Aura Doll [Product Placement Manager: Collab with Aura Dolls]
Starring, Whitney Wright, Tommy Pistol

Ghost Rocket  [Product Placement Manager: Collab with Bad Dragons, Wardrobe, Props, Look Book]
Starring, Cherie DeVille, Micheal Vegas

Model Citizen [Wardrobe, Props, Look Book]
Starring, Aria Lee, Tyler Nixon


The Breeding Pod (SFW Trailer)

Ghost Rocket (SFW Trailer)

The Aura Doll (SFW Trailer)

Model Citizen (SFW Trailer)