Teenage lesbian

I was absolutely thrilled when Teenage Lesbian won the First Quarter Silver “Best Feature Film – Love is Love” with star Kristen Scott earning a Best Actress nomination and Honorable Mention for her heartbreaking portrayal of Sam, a high school senior coming to terms with her sexuality in the 90’s.

This project was my first set experience in LA working alongside Director Bree Mills. The passion and work that went behind it to bring Bree’s autobiographical coming of age story to life was truly inspiring and I couldn’t have asked for a better team of people to share the experience with.



Prop Management: Renting and coordinating delivery of large furniture. Purchasing and accessorizing materials for each scene location. 

Set Stylist: With assistance from a Production Assistant, building sets from scratch to fit the scene script, providing/placing every item necessary to fit the theme requested by the director.

Wardrobe/Stylist: Purchasing all wardrobe for the talent. Coordinating sizes and multiple outfits for frequent scene changes. Working in tandem with a makeup artist to achieve the desired look. 

Look-Book: Provided to cast and crew as directives for style, makeup and photography