Under the bed

‘Whosoever is delighted in solitude is either a wild beast or a god’ -Francis Bacon

When the Adult Time team decided to launch a horror anthology series, I was absolutely thrilled, especially since the first two pilot episodes were set to be shot in Montreal. This was the perfect opportunity for me to lead as production manager for both the series trailer and the first spine-tingling episode “Within” –

North bound, remote locations close to Montreal are bountiful and finding a perfect woodsy cottage setting in the middle of nowhere for a four day run took no time at all and contributed to the believable horror setting depicted within the first two pilot episodes.

Managing and coordinating two crews to share one location for two different scenes was no easy task, but in the end both were able to deliver outstanding results. Managing out of town performers, a crew, assisting with art direction, prop set up, handling 2257’s while also doing full makeup creations gave me a thrill that no words can be used to describe. I felt a deep sense of accomplishment and it was this experience that lead me to understand that I will never be destined for one specific niche. I will always be destined to be in the throws of chaos as I soar highest when I manage multiple components simultaneously.

For this project, I wish to extend special thanks to Frank Stacey [Executive Producer]; he encouraged me to speak up and have my say, he encouraged my creative independence and trusted me blindly. This project was truly a team effort and I have to honestly say, my favorite one. We all collaborated and worked seamlessly together for four straight days to create a product that in the end delivered by far superior results.

Titles I have worked on include: 

Within [Production Manager, MUA, Look Book]
Starring, Emily Willis, Emma Hix, Michael Vegas

Under The Bed Series Trailer [Production Manager, Stylist, Model]

Within (Scene Trailer) - [Production Manager - MUA]