The Power of Transformation

Makeup is a precious form of self expression with endless opportunities to bring the full magnitude of my artistic creativity to reality. Each face is a blank canvas and in a society where judgement is often the focal point of our insecurities, I like to think that I help provide a sense of freedom, beauty and love for oneself with a few gentle strokes of my brush.

I have had the extreme privilege of working with many talented artists and have also led many creative photoshoots, managing everything from the location rental to building a team with photographers, hairdressers, and various assistants. I often source materials to complete my – or my client’s – vision, including clothing and the props required to completely style the set and bring it to life. I spend countless hours sourcing models and putting myself out into the community to ensure I have the resources to deliver the best possible result. Having worked with a wide range of professionals, I have learned to assess and adapt in diverse environments and take great pride in this strength.

I am of the mindset that great results come from many ideas and not just one single source; I value the opinions of others and welcome my team to share their thoughts and provide feedback. Communicative and cooperative projects have yielded me far greater results than I could have initially imagined and I aim to continuously explore beyond.