The Power of Self Expression 

As a young girl living in Monterey California, I would wander in my grandfather’s photography studio for hours on end. It was a time when blackrooms were still prevalent, prints hung everywhere and I was enthralled by the rows of black and white images. The living shapes and shadows pulled me in like watching a ballerina do pirouettes. I recall coming across a specific photo that left a lasting impression on me, shaping a future I had yet to discover within myself. The image of a nude dancer, her form strong and imposing. The shadows cast along her body reflected every strained muscle as she held position for however long was expected of her to create this perfect image, perfectly poised.

I began posing for the camera during a particularly formative period of my life and though it took me a long time to flourish, the process of finding myself through photography helped soothe a tension that always resided within me. The first time standing in front of the camera I imagined presenting myself as that dancer had to my grandfather; full of strength and dominance. Though I felt foolish and weak in the beginning, as time progressed, I developed my own strengths as a model and it seemed photography was the only way to fully express my internal self. With the help of some amazing photographers, whom I am lucky enough to consider as friends, I learned and grew within this passion, finally reaching my own sense of creating through artistic expression. I have found great freedom telling my stories through photography. With full control of the artistic vision; the location, clothing, makeup, theme, aesthetic, all mine to develop. 

Modelling is my catharsis in an unsteady world. 

(Please note that due to the sensitive nature of this content, each section is password-protected. If you wish to see the photos, please contact me and I will happily provide you with the password)