Intimates by Vixen

Having recently been acquired by Vixen Media Group as their Creative Project Manager, I have been given ample opportunity to spread my wings. In light of the pandemic, most productions have either been halted or precautions have been taken in order to move forward. Intimates by Vixen is a brand that was created to allow performers the space to comfortably create content in the privacy and safety of their own homes.

Inspired by performer Casey’ Calvert’s love of reading and one of my very own literotica pieces ‘Waiting to Exhale’ we were able to forge a collaboration that in turn yielded stunning results.

Brand: Intimates by Vixen
Concept & Creative Art Direction: StephxNina
Producer: Casey Calvert

Having been adopted into an all star team of people has enabled me the opportunity to learn and grow as an artist. I also really appreciate Vixen for encouraging me to showcase this pilot scene on my website.

Teaser to full length scene